Tresal Photography | the you rock senior shoot giveaway

HEELLLLOOO...I am giving away 2 senior portrait sessions to two totally nice, incredible seniors!  Because nice people deserve a pat on the back and awesome photos!

Here is the run down!

-the senior must be graduating in 2014

-senior must be from Beeville, TX or Austin, TX

-there is no nominating yourself, you can only nominate other people.

Ready to nominate?? Here's how!

-If you'd like to nominate a senior - please email, title your email "senior giveaway" and send the following info:

-name of the deserving senior

-contact info for the senior, email and phone number of the senior

-tell me the senior's home high school

-tell me about the senior and their story; who they are, what they do and why they are deserving. (the more info the better!) I want to know who these people are. :-)

-include or attach a photo of the deserving senior (will be used when the winner is announced)

*submissions will be accepted until July 23rd

lastly, please help me get the word out. a few ways you can do this are by copying and pasting the link to your twitter or facebook, or, telling your friends about this in person. THANK YOU!

the (not-so-fine) fine print:
senior will receive a full senior package complete with 2 hours of shooting, all editing, retouching on final images and a final set of digital files. senior also acknowledges that tresal photography will use their images/story on this blog/website.